Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Young Stephen Flynn Jr

My Grandfather, Stephen Flynn Jr was born on Flynn's Hill, February 26th, 1895. He was the seventh child of Stephen Flynn Sr and Mary Ann Tubrett. According to my mother's notes, her father Stephen was a Diesel Engine and Crane Operator, also a Plumber by Trade.

He over came the obstacle of loosing the sight of one eye during a welding accident, when a metal fragment entered his left eye. This injury occurred around 1917, at the age of 22 years, he was working in Sydney Nova Scotia at the time.  My mother also states that according to his co-workers he earned the reputation of being the best in his trade, with a lot of determination to go on in spite of any hardship.                                                                                 

I came across an original document belonging to my Grandfather, entitled Newfoundland Fireman's License, dated Nov 2nd 1926, he was 31 years old. Uncle Ray explained that a Fireman's License in those days was awarded for work and maintenance on large boilers of  buildings that used coal or fuel oil.  I also found several documents of recognition, at one point my grandfather was employed at the Dry Dock with W.I. Bishop LTD. and later with The Dry Dock Re-Construction in the capacity of Engineer and Driver of the Rotary Pile Driver and was given high recommendation for his work. ( No date was recorded on this document)

A Letter of Reccomendation was written after his years of service at the Argentia Naval Base from 1942 to 1949, His specialty was Plumbing and Pipefitting, the letter states that during theses years he was often called on to perform work as a Boiler Maker and Repairman, and also as Engineman Hoist and Power, which involved running a forty-ton Derrick and that he prerformed these additional duties very creditably.

The letter ends by stating Stephen Flynn Jr is an idustrious man, agreeable, and keeps his mind on his work regardless of any outside distrations or influences. This letter was signed by L.V.A. Wood, Quaterman Pipefitter.

These letters and the above information give me some insight of the type of person my grandfather was as a young man.. Life during these times was not easy, men often had to travel for work to provide for their families.  My grandfather was an intelligent man who stood up to challenge and adversity.

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