Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More about "Uncle Dad"

Aunt Agnes and "Uncle Dad" dancing in Nanny's Kitchen
taken sometime in 1970's

My Grandfather, Stephen Flynn Jr. was born February 26th, 1895 on Flynn's Hill in Lakeview Harbour Maine, Newfoundland, Canada. One hundred and eighteen years ago, yesterday.

I got to know my Grandfather mostly through stories that were shared and photos that were saved.  I learned from my Mother and my Aunt Agnes that he loved music and he loved to dance. He did not play a musical instrument but did own a modern portable record player in his later years. ( Modern for that time period).  The record player was housed in a customized suitcase type container that could easily be set up in any location, as long as there was electricity.

I am not sure how often he listened to his records, if it was a daily or a weekly occurrence or just for special occasions.  Aunt Agnes did say the record player came out especially when there was company or visitors around.  The table and chairs in Nanny's tiny kitchen were pushed aside and this multi-purpose room instantly became a ballroom. And yes!, a bottle of "Newfie Screech" came out from hiding to be shared with the guests.

The above photo was sent to my mother from her sister Agnes after her visit home to Newfoundland in the 1970's.  On the back Aunt Agnes writes, "Daddy and I Waltzing, must of had some Newfie Screech". (See the record player on the table near the kitchen sink.)  I love the smile on my Grandfather's face!

I find it interesting, that I love music and I love to dance, I don't play a musical instrument either. I may of acquired this, from my "Uncle Dad".

In celebration of the anniversary of my Grand Dad's Birth!