Monday, December 31, 2012

My Coffey Connection

This is the cover of Eddie Coffey's C/D "Jack of all Trades" from Newfoundland Canada.  We have several copies of his music in our family, in cassette form and C/D and even possibly a vinyl album version.  My mother told us as children, that he was a cousin of hers, who has done very well singing "Newfie Music". He is a Balladeer of Newfoundland History.

With my recent review of my Coffey Family Connection, I am interested in finding out exactly how we are related.  Here is a little Christmas Melody for you to enjoy!

Listening to Eddie Coffey always brings a smile to my mom's face.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Photo for a Family Story

In studying Genealogy, it is recommended to find supporting documentation to prove actual events of birth, marriage and death of family members. When documents are not available, the next best source is family history stories and notes.

Aunt Chris and Uncle Mike Bourke 1981
50th Wedding Anniversary
In 1985, my Great Aunt Chris ( Mary Christina Tobin Bourke) my grandmother Ellen Mary Tobin Flynn's sister, put together a type-written summary, entitled "History of the Tobin Family". Aunt Chris was 76 years old at the time she wrote this statement. In this summary, she listed her Great Grandparents along with their children on both her mother and father's side.  My mother, who loved family history had a copy of this account, which is now part of my genealogy file.  This information has been extremely helpful in my own personal research.

This is what Aunt Chris wrote regarding her Grandparents and her Great Grandparents on her mother's side.

"Grandfather Follett came from Clattice Harbour on the Western Shore.  He had a boat and freighted supplies from St John's to Cape Shore.  He married grandmother Ellen Coffey and lived with her parents ( James Coffey and Catherine McGrath) in Angel's Cove Newfoundland.  He had a brother William.  I don't know if there are any children left as 2 sons were drown in a big storm.  Grandfather never shaved nor smoked.  He didn't eat any butter or milk.  It was fish - smoked, dried and salted. He was never sick. At the age of 86, he got pneumonia and died within 2 weeks. They were married over 50 years.  His people came from Chantilly, North France."

James Follett b. 1842 and d. 1923, He was actually 81 yrs at when he died. ( Info found through NFLD Grand Banks Genealogy Site) Ellen Coffey Follett b.1843 d. unknown ( My 2nd Great Grandparents)

Their children - Elizabeth - 1871, Mary Bridget - 1874, ( My Great Grandmother), George - 1876, James - 1878, Margaret - 1881, Peter - 1883, John - 1886 and Hanna - 1895
James Follet and Ellen Coffey Follett
(family members not identified)
taken around 1898
The following information is taken from the publication " Our Cultural History" A short History of the Cape Shore Area, Editors: Ernestine Power, Bernadine Careen, Cathy Nash

"A family of Folletts also lived in Angel's Cove in it's earlier days.  James Follett from Clattice Harbour, commanded a schooner that traded on the Cape Shore, bringing provisions to the people and freighting their fish to St. John's.  he married Ellen Coffey and settled down in Angel's Cove.

They had 4 sons and 3 daughters.  Mr. Follett's sons were great seamen and in the early 1900's built their own schooner.  James Follet was considered one of the best captains in Newfoundland.  His wife Ellen was one of the most prominent midwives on the Cape Shore."

I  was very excited when I recently found the above photo of James Follett and Ellen Coffey Follett. I found it through, by way of the Hanlon2 Family Tree, a decedent from Ellen Coffey's brother David Coffey. Having this photo helps make Aunt Chris' story complete. It is possible that one of the two younger women could be my Great Grandmother Mary Bridget Follett, I will continue researching this possibility.

Some of this information I have shared in a previous entry "My Grandmother's Family". I feel it merits repeating, especially when you find "A Photo for a Family Story"!