Monday, October 28, 2013

A Sunday Drive - Part 2 - Brigus

We continued down the road, North on Hwy 60 from Lakeview, Harbour Main that first Sunday after I arrived in Newfoundland.  The main road was located inland from the actual coastline of Conception Bay, we turned off onto a side road that lead to the small fishing community of Brigus.  This historic town is located in a sheltered bay and has been home to many fisherman and their families, it was first settled in 1610.

Town of Brigus and Harbour - May 2013

The town's well kept old style architecture, rustic stonewalls, lush green gardens, winding narrow lanes are reflective of it's English, Irish and Welsh Heritage. Brigus is home of the Hawthorne Cottage National Historic Site, the former home of Captain Bob Bartlett who was hailed as the "Greatest Navigator of the 20th Century". [1]

Our first stop was just before entering the town itself. The rough rocky shoreline and immense size of the boulders caught my attention.  We got out to stretch our legs and take in the incredible view! This was the point that my camera came out and I started taking photos!  It was just so different from the Midwest landscape that I am used to seeing on a everyday basis.

 We stopped in town for lunch at The Country Corner Restaurant. I enjoyed a bowl of their famous Fresh Cod Chowder, which was "Out of this World" delicious! It was served with a Hot Tea Biscuit and followed by Blueberry Crisp with Ice Cream and Blueberry Sauce, my first authentic Newfoundland Meal!  And yes, I ate every last bite!

Country Corner Restaurant
Fresh Cod Chowder

Every summer this little community comes alive with the hugely popular Blueberry Festival.  Over 12,000 visitors from all over the world come to enjoy three days of music, traditional food, dancing and of course Blueberries! [2]  
Blueberry Crisp with Ice cream and Blueberry Sauce
from the Country Corner Restaurant
My photo taken May 2013
I sure enjoyed my time in Brigus and hope to return there someday in the future, maybe for the Blueberry Festival!
What a Great Sunday Drive!, and it was only my first day in Newfoundland!

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