Monday, February 24, 2014

The View from the "The Rooms"

I was seated at a small tall table, next to a towering wall of windows at "The Rooms Cafe" located on the top level of the Archival Museum in St John's, Newfoundland Canada. 

The view of St. Johns Harbor was mesmerizing! 

Although I was some distance from the harbor, the elevation at which "The Rooms" were situated and the direct view out into the harbor, made me feel as if I were right there in the bay.

I stood extremely still, captivated by the view, watching, observing and admiring, as a tiny tugboat made it's way through "The Narrows" out to the sea. It was on it's way to greet and guide a larger vessel into the port.

I noticed Signal Hill to the left, and the rapid movement of the thick billowing clouds on the right, pushing into the harbor.  The clouds separated the clear blue sky from the land and water, creating quickly changing shadows on the banks and adding depth and dimension to the color of the sea.

I took several quick snaps, within a few short seconds, hoping to capture this incredible "Moment of Change"

                                                 This was the amazing view from "The Rooms"!