Friday, January 27, 2012

Growing up on Flynn's Hill

The Flynn Children
George, Mary, Raymond, Rose and Agnes

Growing up in Harbour Main, Newfoundland was a time of lots of hard work and hardship.  I picked berries, worked in the garden, made hay, milked the cow and helped my mom with cooking and housework.  I walked to school, about 10 miles to further my education.

In spite of all the work, I found time for fun things like swimming, sledding on the hills and ice skating.  All the work and hardship made me the person I am today.  I have no regrets and still call Newfoundland "Home"

Statement by Agnes Theresa Flynn Thiesen - May 2010

This is the first photo my sister and I ever saw of when my mother and her siblings were young.  We call it a "A Famous Photo" which is a phrase we use for photos that really leave an impression on us.  This photo, was most likely taken on Flynn's Hill, if you look closely, Uncle Ray is holding a cat in his lap, which  I believe this is the legendary "Mut, The Cat" that my mother talked about so many times.  We thought  it was very funny to name a cat "Mut".

Aunt Agnes told me, they had to make their own fun, they would always come up with a game or activity, or the means to make what they wanted  happen. For example, ice skating on the pond across from their house, they did not all have ice skates, so often they shared the pair they had, or used what they had, even if it meant strapping tin cans to their boots.

In this photo, Front - Agnes, Rose, Ray, Back -Tommy Collins, George and Johnny Healy

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  1. I think your mother and grandmother really share a resemblance. What do you think?