Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Tobins

This was the home of My Maternal Great Grandparents, John William Tobin and Mary Bridget Follett Tobin of Ship Cove, Placentia Bay, Newfoundland.  This was the home my Grandmother,
 Ellen Mary Tobin lived in before she came to Flynn's Hill.

On the left, is a photo copy of an original, of my Great Grandparents, Aunt Agnes acquired this original from her Aunt Agnes Tobin Morey who lived in Brooklyn New York.  ( She was my grandmother's sister.) She sent it to her before she died in 1978. Possibly a wedding photo? My Great Grandparents were married around 1900.  The background looks painted.                        
 In the middle, is an older photo of John William and Mary Bridget, not sure where this was taken, might be their house in the background. It came from Great Agnes Tobin Morey's collection in New York, so possibly it was taken one time when she was back home to Ship Cove.  Great Aunt Agnes came to America around 1928.  I am thinking this photo could of been taken sometime in the 1930's,. There is no date on this photo or any additional information.                              
On the back of this photo, it says it was "taken while back home in 1946, Elsie, Mother and Henry Tobin"  Great Grandmother Tobin died in 1948, Elsie is nickname for Ellen, and Henry Tobin is a cousin.

Ship Cove - Cape Shore Cultural History, page10

Ship Cove is situated on the east side of Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, about 22 km from the town of Placentia.

The first settler, John Skerry, came to Ship Cove in 1794 from Blackwater, County Waterford, Ireland on a vessel owned by Ronald Sweetman, His wife Alice, and two daughters: Catherine age eight, and Alice age six, accompanied him on this voyage.  Within a few years, Patrick Tobin from Wexford and James Brennan from Fadown, landed at Placentia and made their way to Ship Cove, where they settled.

The Skerry dwelling house was built on a level of land that had a current of fresh water running through.  The house was studded and had three small windows, a porch, two bedrooms upstairs, two bedrooms downstairs, and a rock chimney.

James Brennan built his house on the bank of the river, enabling him to brook logs.  The logs, sawed on a pit-saw, had numerous uses.  In addition to building houses, the lumber was used for stools, shelves, closets and cupboards.  The slabs were used for firewood and the sawdust for bedding for the animals.

James married John Skerry's oldest daughter Catherine, and had eight daughters and three sons.  Patrick Tobin married John Skerry's youngest daughter, Alice and had five daughters and three sons. ( Alice, Andrew, Bridget, John, Mary, Sarah, Patrick, and Johanah)  He built his house in the southeast corner of Ship Cove.

These were the first two families from which all the Brennan's and Tobin's of the Cape Shore descended.


  1. My mom was raised by molly tobin. My mom marie was 15 when she left ship cove in 1960. they ran a post office there molly and her husband.my mom and her brother danny were foster kids then.

  2. My Mom, Mary Tobin is from Ship Cove, daughter of Patrick Tobin and Hilda McGrath. Thats a picture of my greatgrandparents, who lived beside my grandfathers house. I believe the house was destroyed from fire. Fished in the lagoon, caught eels there and trout. My grandfather ran the store and a post office if I remember correctly. Unfortunatley his house is long gone also. last person to live in that house was my mom's brother, my uncle Denis.

    1. Hi Monica, Thank You for your interest in Flynn's Hill - The Tobins, my grandmother Ellen Mary Tobin and your grandfather Patrick were siblings which would make us 2nd cousins. I would like to talk with you further about Ship Cove and the Tobins if you are interested my e-mail is re_clark@hotmail.com

  3. My mother was Agnes Tobin daughter of Peter and Catherine Tobin of Ship Cove !

  4. Ellen Tobin, wife of John Tobin, of Newfoundland, was one of nine beneficiaries of the wealthy estate of a first cousin of Ellen's, one Patrick Coady Buckley, who died intestate in Victoria Australia in 1872. When Buckley died a worldwide search via the newspapers was conducted to find living relatives. Other names of beneficiaries included Maher, Grace, Coady, Murphy and Browne. Buckley's real father was Tobias Coady who was born around 1780's or 90's in Kilkenny Ireland. His wife (Patrick's mother) was Ellen Collins. They were married in Dublin in 1809. She was convicted of theft and transported with baby Patrick to New South Wales in 1817. This is a fascinating story. I wonder if anyone knows any of these connected family names or the estate situation. My private email is: susan.kennedy@live.com.au
    I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any information. I am writing a book about Patrick Coady Buckley.
    Many thanks,
    Sue Kennedy (Australia)

  5. Daniel Tobin born 1897 and his wife molly lived in Ship and they raised two foster kids one being my mom. Mom has a photo on Dan and Molly in front of their house which is the same house above. The one with the picketed fence. Daniel father is Patrick and Daniel and Molly worked at the post office as well. The house did burn down. This has to be the same house my mom and her brother was raised in. I have pictures I would love to share with you. Patsy email address is pchevarie@yahoo.ca