Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Grandmother's Family

                                                                   Ellen Mary Tobin
                  John Willian Tobin                                                        Mary Bridget Follett
                        1874-1960                                                                     1874-1948

Patrick Tobin                       Agnes O'Rielly                      James Follett                         Ellen Coffey
  1826-1914                             1828-1887                           1843-1923                              1842-

Patrick Tobin                                                                                                        James Coffey
        Alice Skerry                                                                                                          CatherineMcGrath
             abt 1788
                     John Skerry                                                                                   Bartholmew McGrath
                             Alice Barry                                                                                 Catherine Ryan

Follett - Notes from Mary Christine Tobin written1985 (My Grandmother's sister)

James Follett came from Clattice Harbour, on the Western Shore of Newfoundland.  He had a boat and freighted supplies from St John's to the Cape Shore.  He married Ellen Coffey and lived with her parents ( James Coffey and Catherine McGrath) in Angel's Cove.  He had a brother named William.

Grandfather Follett never shaved nor smoked.  He didn't eat any meat, butter or milk.  It was fish - smoked, dried and salted.  He was never sick.  At the age of 80, he got pneumonia and died within 2 weeks. James and Ellen were married over 50 years.  His people came from Chantilly France.

Follett - Cape Shore Cutural History

A family of Folletts lived in Angel's Cove in the early days.  James Follett from Clattice Harbour commanded a schooner that traded on the Cape Shore bringing provisions to the people and freighting their fish to St John's.  He married Ellen Coffey, daughter of the first settler James Coffey.  They had 4 sons, George, James, Peter and John and 4 daughters, Elizabeth, Mary Bridget, Margaret and Hanna.  Mr Follett's son's were great seamen and in the early 1900's built their own schooner.  James Follett was considered one of the best captains in Newfoundland.  His wife Ellen was one of the most prominent midwives on the Cape Shore.

I found James Follett's grave, he is buried in Patrick's Cove Old Cemetery, Placentia Bay, St Mary's District.  I hope to find my 2nd Great Grandmother, Ellen Coffey Follett there as well, in my up coming trip to Newfoundland.
This is a postcard from Newfoundland, It was part of my mother's collection.

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  1. Hi, I came across you blog while doing research of my family history. My great great grandfather was Bartholmew McGrath married to Cahterine Ryan; Patrick's Cove was my home town. Also my maternal Grandmother was a Tobin from Ship Cove. Her name was Agnes Tobin; she married Henry Coffey (my grandfather) from Angel's Cove. I have a group up on facebook called ' Magraith(McGrath)Clan" if you are interested.