Thursday, January 26, 2012

Faith, History and Architecture

In my previous post, I mentioned that my grandparents were married in the Roman Catholic Cathedral in St John's Newfoundland.  I wonder why they were married in the city of St. John's and not in either of their hometown churches.  Perhaps because, they were working in St. John's at the time?.  My mother's note states, They were married by Msgr. McDermott.  The principal witnesses were Thomas ( Stephen's Cousin) and Christina Tobin, ( Ellen's sister). 
      City of St John's Newfoundland and the Basilica of St John the Baptist, Roman Catholic Cathedral

I decided to find out more information about the Roman Catholic Cathedral in St John's and found the History and Architecture quite interesting and amazing. I can imagine it was really a honor for my grandparents to be married in this Historical Landmark of their faith.  My grandparents were very religious people.

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