Saturday, January 28, 2012

Three in the Bed

Vincent van Gogh - Bedroom at Arles

When looking at the Flynn House from the outside, the upper right-hand corner above the living room was the bedroom of the Flynn Daughters, Mary, Agnes and Rosella.  My mother would tell of how she shared this room with her sisters, telling that there was only one bed, for the three of them.  Sleeping "Nose to Toes" was the only way it worked.

I recall, it was a very quaint room, with a white wrought iron double bed, a small 3 drawer dresser, a tiny closet, a wooden chair in the corner, a storage chest at the foot of the bed and a window looking out the front of the house.

As a young girl, I often slept in this room while visiting my grandparents.  Occasionally, I was lucky enough to have my cousins Janet and Brenda come along and the three of us slept in this room at night.  I remember one visit in particular, talking and giggling before falling asleep.  A single bulb light above the bed was still on, when suddenly in walks Nanny, not a word was said, only that look in her eyes, and off went the light.  We snickered in the darkness and finally drifted off to sleep.


  1. I remember that vividly as well!! I also remember counting the cars as they went by. There weren't many so it was easy to fall asleep waiting. Thanks for the memory!

  2. What a beautiful memory, Elaine!