Thursday, April 4, 2013

The "Big Ball" on Top of the Mountain

The mountain behind my grandparents house in Lakeview Harbour Main, was often the focus of our visit. Curiosity and excitement in hearing stories about the mountain intrigued us as children. Questions about climbing the mountain would always find their way into the conversation, especially on our way there. The mountain served as a backyard and playground for my mother as a child, for her father and his father before him.

Recently, I had the extreme pleasure of hearing two very similar stories about the mountain from my second cousins, Joe and Frank (Two of William Flynn's children, #10 and #13) who grew up on the mountain.

First, Joe informs me that at the very top of the mountain there is a large rock that is very distinct, it is round and shaped like a large ball, they called it "The Big Ball". He says that, " It looked as if someone but it there on purpose".  he shares that when they were young,  they would ask their father, "How did that rock get there?" his father would say, "Daniel Dunlea put it there!".  Now climbing the mountain was always an adventure for us as occasional visitors, but for my 2nd cousins it was part of their daily romp.  Cousin Frank explained when they were young, they could get from the base of the mountain to the very top, in about 5 minutes. But now the path is so overgrown it would be quite a challenge.

William A. Flynn "Uncle Bill"
photo taken July 1987 age 76 yrs.

Frank, adds that his father would say, "Daniel Dunlea carried it up there on his back to use as a landmark for finding his way home". To Frank, it sounded like a good explanation at the time and he was happy to boast this information to his friends.  He then goes on to say, the bolder weighed at least 10 tons and that he over-estimated Daniel's strength and under-estimated his father's sense of humor.  He shares fondly, that his father was a great story teller with a remarkable memory for prose. He had a impressive repertoire of stories and recitations and even into his eighties he regaled them with ones that they had not heard before.

Well, Joe and Frank, I had never heard this story before and I am sure there are many others for me to hear. But this story of our 3rd Great Grandfather, Daniel Dunlea and "The Big Ball" should definitely be passed down and I think your father would agree! 

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