Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ireland Beginnings

Blackwater River, Mallow, County Cork, Ireland
.In a recent conversation with my second cousin Joe Flynn, he shared with me that my grandfather, Stephen Flynn Jr., always said that his own grandfather Michael Flynn came from  Blackwater River, County Cork, Ireland, around the year 1822. This is the first time I have heard the exact location in Ireland as well as an estimated year the "The Four Flynn Brothers" arrived in Newfoundland.
The River Blackwater rises on the Cork/Kerry border. It flows in County Cork through the towns of Mallow and Fermony, then onto County Waterford through the towns of Ballyduf, Lismore and Cappoquin and finally enterd the sea of Youghal. [1]
Map of Ireland - Family Names
redrawn by Kirkham Studios, copyright holders, Johnston & Bacon
In this section of a Map of Ireland - Showing Locations of Family Names in County Cork, you can see the town of Mallow in the center of the map, then just lower and to the west you will see the O'Flynn family name.

This family story lead gives a direction for further research of the O'Flynn's from Southwestern County Cork, in Southwestern Ireland.
Off to the town of Mallow, Ireland!
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[1] , Blackwater Valley

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