Saturday, April 6, 2013

It's Right There!

When I heard the story of "The Big Ball" at the top of the mountain from second cousins, Joe and Frank, I started looking for a photo of this large rock in my mother's collection.  I came across several that I thought could possible be the rock they were talking about. Cousin Joe and Frank were able to help me out. First Joe brought to my attention the photo I have posted a couple of times of his father William and 9 of his 13 children. He stated that his brother, Bill is on is father's right shoulder, then instructing me to follow straight up from his father's right shoulder to the horizon, and it's right there!, "The Big Ball" that goes with the story about Daniel Dunlea. I had a picture of it all this time and didn't know it.
Do you see it?

Then, Cousin Frank, had his son Keith and his wife Jen send me some photos from their recent visit home in August 2012, they had made the trip up the mountain and took several photos by the "The Big Ball".  I will post those in my next entry.


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