Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Visit to the Mountain

Frank Flynn with his children Jessica, Keith and Kevin
sitting on "The Big Ball" on top of the mountain, Lakeview Harbour Main, NFLD
August 2012

When I visit home, I want to see the mountain.  Where as children, we followed brambled carpet paths through canopies of Alder, Spruce and Fir, then swiftly up the gently terraced face to pose beside the large erractic bolder, that makes the summit.  That trail was kept only by the unintended grooming of our traverse, but in memory, it was crafted by our ancestors and left as a grand inheritance.                                                                                             
The path is gone and the mountain looks down now like an unshaven old giant, who has sadly lost the hope of visitation.                   
By Frank Flynn
Frank Flynn, with son Keith and grandsons
Tyler and Ryley
August 2012

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