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Mention of Daniel Dunlea

Conception Bay, Newfoundland ( Fishing Rooms - Plantations)
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The story of my 3rd Great Grandfather Daniel Dunlea, a young man from Ireland coming to a new land with hope of a better life for his family, has been passed down through generations as part of the Flynn Family History, without any official documentation to prove it is correct. My Grandfather's notes, are about the only written word available. No records have been found to date, recording his existence, his travel or even his death.

In a recent telephone conversation with my 2nd cousin, Joe Flynn, he shared with me, that he had found a reference to land occupied by Daniel Dunlea. Searching the Newfoundland Grand Banks Genealogy Site, Daniel Dunlay appears in a file of Miscellaneous Deeds and Wills of Patrick Corbit and William Danson. This Indenture dated, "the fourteenth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty five." Patrick Corbit of Harbour Main, Conception Bay Newfoundland was a Planter and William Danson of Harbour Grace Newfoundland was a Merchant.

This legal agreement between the two men, was a trade agreement of Fishing Rooms and Plantation Situate laying in Harbour Main.  The document gives a description of the property involved in the settlement and of the neighboring properties as well as it's owners. Located in the second paragraph it states," by the river of Harbour Main on the SW by Daniel Dunlay."

Joe explains the spelling of Dunlea is slightly different, and that most surnames go through a transformation over time and with immigration to new countries.  There were O'Dunlea in Southwest County Cork, Ireland, first the O' was dropped and then it was Anglicized to Dunlay.  Not to mention, that in the old days, spelling was somewhat of a freelance business.

I find this new bit of information very exciting, the time period fits the family story, the property location is correct. This may be a new direction in researching Daniel Dunlea.

Thank You, Joe


Note - In Newfoundland, the term "Planter" refers to the owner of a fishing premises (a "Plantation") or a vessel.  In the early days, a resident fisherman ( as opposed to an English Migratory Fisherman) was considered a "Planter"


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