Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Brook

Photo taken by Helen Flynn Hynes
The Brook on Flynn's Hill
 Up the hill, from my Grandparents place, a stream of water runs down the hill.  It is located right next to "Uncle Bill's house, separating his and his son Michael's house.
My memory of this brook is slight. I remember, several long wooden planks stretching from bank to bank at it's narrowest point. I remember, cousins Clare and Anastasia  running effortlessly across the make-shift bridge, and I pausing with caution before proceeding.  I remember, briefly looking up the hill following the line of rocks and listening to it's rhythmic sound.  Then being called by my cousins, "come on" encouraging me to join them.
This brook was located just below the window of the "Girls Room" in "Uncle Bill's" house. My cousin Helen shared this photo, stating, "This was once our swimming pool when we were tiny. I remember at least 5 of us fitting in there".
  "It still sings me to sleep at night". Helen Flynn Hynes


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