Monday, October 1, 2012

Louise (Lucy) McGrath Flynn

My Great Uncle, Patrick Flynn from Harbour Main, NFLD married Louise (Lucy) McGrath in March 1912 at the Immaculate Conception Church in Harbour Grace. Lucy was born in 1889 and was raised in Harbour Grace, a town 30 miles North of Harbour Main in Conception Bay.  On the Rt, is a photo of  Lucy's son Roy at the house Lucy was born in, during a visit  to Newfoundland years ago.

In 1918, Patrick and Lucy along with their two oldest children moved to Hamilton Ontario, probably for the prospect of better work opportunities.  Lucy was pregnant at the time of the move and gave birth en route to Ontairio while in Nova Scotia.

 Lucy's grand daughter Susan states she has not found very much information about the McGrath Family, she knows her grandmother did have alot of siblings but wonders if the spelling of the last name was changed. Some say it was McGraw and was pronounced as such.

According to Susan, Lucy was a "little thing" at 4 ft 11 inches while Patrick stood tall at 6 ft 2 inches. Susan goes on to describe her grandmother as a very religious woman, she would kneel to say the rosary every morning and attended mass each day. She had beautiful red hair (later auburn) which was that colour til she died,with only one little patch of grey.  She would braid her hair and put it up in a bun.

Susan remembers her father Roy telling her, that her grandmother was a great cook.  She would bake 3 pies for her brood of 12 and since her granfather Patrick worked long 12 hour days, she would keep a piece from each pie for when he got home.

Susan states her Grandmother was a quiet, soft spoken woman who did not like gossip and never
believed in heresay unless she heard it straight from the "horse's mouth" as she she would call it.

Lucy died in 1968 at the age of 79  of Kidney Cancer. ( five years after her husband )

Thank You Susan for the Beautiful Story about your Grandma Lucy!




  1. My grandmother, Winifred McGrath , and Lucy McGrath Flynn were sisters. I would love to share information.

  2. Who was Susan's mother? I am aunt Lucy's sister Winifred's granddaughter, my grandfather was James Whelan