Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Philip Martin Flynn

When Uncle Ray came to Wisconsin for a visit in March 2011, we reviewed the Flynn Family History.  He shared some stories I had never heard before, like the story of "Uncle Martin". Uncle Ray explained that he was told, Uncle Martin went off to WWI at a very young age (too young to really join) and never returned to Flynn's Hill.  It was not until many years after the war had ended that a letter came from New York City stating that he was living there now.       

I found this unlabeled photo in my mother's collection,  I believe this photo is of Uncle Martin, a young man in a military uniform who went off to war, in a family collection of  photos. Looking closely at his hat you will see an anchor symbol under a crown which would indicated the British Navy. Newfoundland was a Colony of England in the early 1900's.  

Philip Martin Flynn was born May 12th, 1900 in Harbour Main, Newfoundland. He was the 8th child born to Stephen Flynn Sr and Mary Ann Tubrett, making him my Great Uncle. He would of been about 15 - 18 years old during WWI. This young man in the photo looks to be around that age. There were only a few early photos, in my mother's collection and as stories are learned the fragments of that time period come together. I strongly feel that the story told by Uncle Ray is a match to this photo!

Several records found through show Philip Martin Flynn traveled back and forth from North Sydney, Nova Soctia, Canada  to New York, USA between Feb 1919 to Sept 1923 for work. His occupation is listed as Iron Worker and Laborer. The U.S Dept of Labor Memorandum (on the right) dated Sept 22, 1923  records his last permanent residence as Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and his destination as Franklin, New York, USA. Uncle Martin's older brother Patrick was living in Hamilton, Ontario from 1918 on, so that would make sense that he went to live with his brother after WWI and not return to Harbour Main.  The 1940's U.S Census shows Philip Martin living in Rockville Centre, Nassau County in Long Island, New York living as a lodger in the house of Leroy Baily on Sunrise Hwy. He is single at the time and his occupation was Laborer for the Village Water Dept.

Aunt Agnes holding daughter Denise, Great Uncle Martin, his daughter Mary,
his wife Mary and my Mother Mary

The above photo was taken in New York around 1956 during a visit to see Uncle Martin and his family by my mother and her sister.  Aunt Agnes helped to identify this photo of Uncle Martin, his daughter Mary and his wife Mary. I have not found any additional information on Uncle Martin's family.

This photo of Uncle Martin was taken July 13, 1993 by my second cousin Joe Flynn.  He sent a card with this photo to my mother Christmas 1993. Joe writes in the card, "I found Uncle Martin to be a pleasant old man full of stories of home".  
Philip Martin Flynn died January 19th, 1994, at 93 years old, in Uniondale, Nassau, New York.
My cousin Joe tape recorded his visit with Uncle Martin for his father, I hope one day, to hear that tape.



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