Friday, October 5, 2012

Memories of Uncle George

Me, Uncle George and his oldest son Wayne
taken abt 1966

My first memory of Uncle George would have to be sitting around the dinner table.  His presence was that of a "Gentle Giant", tall, towering, respected and sometimes intimidating.  He would insist that each food on your plate be tried and would notice if any had not. I remember "collard greens", especially ( they were not my favorite) Uncle George would persist until they were tried.  I would get so mad and refuse to eat them, stating  " I do not like them and I will not eat them".  Thinking back over this time, I am sure it was the reaction he was after the most, dinner would end with his chuckle. Although, Brenda his daughter once told me, "No, He was serious and he meant it!"

 I remember how he played the Violin and the Accordion, my mom told me Uncle George learned to play by listening. Aunt Agnes clarified he learned to play the accordion by ear, and took lessons to play the violin. I was always in awe when he played, I remember thinking "How does he know how to do that?"

 Uncle George would play and anyone listening would dance, especially my Aunts.  He loved to play and they loved to dance!

Uncle George was a Plumber by Trade, his father Stephen Jr was a Plumber also. Uncle George was a very hardworking man, owned his own business and taught at the local Technical School. It just so happened that I married a plumber as well. In July 2006 while at a Plumbing Convention in Las Vegas, NV, my husband was talking to a group of men who were from Newfoundland. Roger mentioned that my mother was from Newfoundland near St. John's. He then asked if any of them knew George Flynn? One gentlemen spoke up and said that he did, that George Flynn had been his instructor and that he was the best instructor he had ever had, saying with much respect.  Imagine being so many miles away from home and those two men would meet and know of George Flynn.

George Anthony Flynn was born October 16th, 1931 on Flynn's Hill in Harbour Main, NFLD, he was the third child born to Stephen Jr and Ellen Mary Tobin Flynn.  He married Hilda Williams and raised a family of 5 children, Wayne, Janet, Tony, Brenda and Dennis. He lived his entire life in Newfoundland and passed away October 8th, 2006, of Colon Cancer, 8 days before his 75th Birthday.  His son Wayne told me," He worked until the very end, it was just how he was".
Uncle George playing the Accordion and my Aunts dancing!
The month of October marks the Anniversary of Uncle George's Birth and his Death. I dedicate this post to "My Uncle George"



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