Saturday, September 29, 2012

A WWII Story

Stephen Flynn b 1921, has just returned from Overseas - WWII
Lt - Rt, Danny ( Gert's Fiance), Steve, Fred, Roy and Vince ( Roy's Best Friend)

My 2nd cousin, Susan shared a story with me about her two uncles Steve and Fred, who both served in WWII.  Uncle Steve was in the Canadian Air Force and Uncle Fred served in the Canadian Army.  Fred was wounded when shrapnel hit his leg while in a fox hole.  Susan's father Roy, remembered how upset Grandma Lucy was when the letter from the Army came to the house, since she was not sure if he survived.  Fred was taken in by a family in France and hidden from the enemy.

Also while in France, Fred and Steve met once during active duty, by accident.  There was a baseball game going on in the field and Fred looked over to see a tall, blond man resembling his brother Steve.  Sure enough, it was Steve and they spendt the afternoon together.  Susan states she thinks her Uncle Fred returned home first and Uncle Steve stayed til the war was over.  The above photo was taken shortly after his return home and the war was over, about 1945-46.

Susan's father Roy, was too young to join but tried several times telling a lie about his age. He was only 17 years old and tried different locations to enlist so he could be with his brothers.  His best friend Vince was in the Navy and Roy missed him as well.

Thank You Susan, for sharing this Flynn Family Story!


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