Monday, February 13, 2012

From The Top

Uncle Ray at the Very Top of Flynn's Hill

What a view, from the top of Flynn's Hill!   And to think this was the backyard for my mom and her brothers and sisters.  My Mom often talked about the hill behind their house and the adventures they had on that hill, while growing up.  Aunt Agnes said they called the hill "The Pen" or "The Mountain" and spendt alot of their time on the mountain collecting firewood and picking berries.They often had to chase after the cows and horses that had wandered up the hill from the pasture. A path had been cut through the trees and brush, leading to the top.


These three photos were sent to my mother by Uncle Ray.  On the back of the full view photo  ( the one below ) it says,  " Guess you recognize what this place is."  I believe he sent these to my mother after she left home. She came to America in 1950 to live with her Aunt Agnes Tobin Morey in Brooklyn, New York.  Uncle Ray was about 16 years old at that time.  A nice gift, to remind my mother of home.

I imagine, when one made it to the top of "The Mountain" it was a very good place to think, dream and plan for the future.

A Few Notes:  The above photo is taken in a North-Easterly Direction, to the right is Third Pond which was the pond across from my grandparents house.  To the left is Charley's Pond.  Just past Third Pond is Second Pond and beyond that is First Pond, Small Pond then out to Conception Bay.
In the photo of Uncle Ray standing, I believe behind him is SouthEast and below is Uncle Bill's House.

I wonder who was taking the photo?


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