Saturday, February 25, 2012

Family Names

In this photo, Me, My Grandmother Ellen Mary, and My Mother Mary Bridget
taken around 1970, in Brooklyn New York

I was told as a young girl, that my name " Elaine" was a combination of my two Grandmother's names, my mother's mother, Ellen Mary Tobin Flynn and my father's mother, Ella Johanna Augusta Willamina Werner Krueger Dollen Bauer Debonis.      (Yes, she had a very long name, but that is what it was after 4 marriages.)

My mother, Mary Bridget Flynn Dollen was named after her grandmother, (her mother's mother) Mary Bridget Follet Tobin.

My Grandmother Ellen Mary Tobin Flynn was named after her grandmother, (her mother's mother) Ellen Coffee Follett.

I gave my daughter, my grandmother's name as her middle name, Audrey Ellen Clark. I was unaware of this tradition at the time.

Years ago, it was tradition to name your children after family members, out of respect. It is not as common these days, to see this repetative pattern. I see a pattern in the Flynn Family with the name of Michael, There was Michael Flynn who married Elizabeth Dunlae and their son Stephen Sr named his first born Michael, (1884) who died at age 33. Michael's son William named a son Michael.  Michael's brother, Stephen Jr named his first born Michael (1928), who died in infancy.  My mom named one of her sons Michael (1958), and my sister named her first born Michael ( 1972). This pattern can be helpful in researching family ancestry and in the next breath, I will say it can be very confusing, especially when trying to fiqure out which Michael the information is referring too.

Thomas, is another name that seems to be repeated in the Flynn Family, which leads me to wonder what Michael Flynn's father's name was? ( I am referring to the Michael that married Elizabeth Dunlae)  Michael named a son Thomas, and Michael's son, Michael named a son Thomas, Stephen Sr named a son Thomas possibly after their Father and Grandfather.  In my research, I have found a Thomas Flynn in the Harbour Main area on the "1835 Voters List" that possibly could be Michael's father, I  have not found proof of this as of yet, but it might be a strong lead. The search continues!

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  1. Great that you are sharing your research with us. I remember Grandmom Ellen coming to GA from Canada one time. It was summer and our house did not have airconditioning. She had a hard time with the humidity and heat. I think it was probably close to the same time as this photo. And your mom sure favors Aunt Agnes in this picture. Thanks again. Sheree (who also has a brother with Michael as his middle name). Love you