Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Bike Story

 Uncle Ray on Aunt Agnes' Bike

 Learning the stories of Flynn's Hill did not all come from my mother.  I learned the "Bike Story" during an exchange of photos with Aunt Agnes.  I found  many photos  after my mother's memory was  too far gone. My sister and I sorted the photos and tried to put them in some sort of chronological order, by grouping photo type, families, and of course the age of the people in the photo.  It was  really quite a process  The photos that were unidentifiable or that I had questions about were copied and mailed to Aunt Agnes in Sun City California, she was most helpful and extremely prompt in getting them back to me in Silver Lake, WI.  We did this exchange for several months.  Slowly the pieces of the puzzle started coming together. I truly appreciate her help.

The bike story is as follows - Yes, it is great to see my bike.  When I was 13 years old, I did housework for 2 months during school break.  I was paid $15.00 a month and bought this bike with the $30.00.  MY TRANSPORTATION  TO HARBOUR MAINE FOR SCHOOL! After school I worked on the Navy base in Argentia and did not know what happened to my bike.
That's the Bike Story! by Agnes Flynn May 2010

It is nice to know, that  60 plus years later, Aunt Agnes knows what had happened to her bike! 
 Uncle Ray was using it!


  1. Cute story about brotherly sharing. Uncle Ray seems to be enjoying his sister's bike.

  2. I enjoy reading your stories of your family as I like to hear them and see how things were years ago. Your Aunt worked for her bike I also worked for things I wanted I remember a Pair of ice skates as I loved to ice skate, my bike was a second hand but nice for my birthday the doorbell rang and I went to ans it and there sat my Bike with a ribbon on it . Rode that to grammar school Love to bike ride. Mary age 76