Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Mystery Solved

I found this photo with no name on the back, it was set aside with the hopes of one day finding out who it was.  Most of the older photos probably are of family members, with this in mind I showed the photo to Uncle Ray when he was here last March.  Instantly he said, "That is Aunt Esther".

One more mystery solved. My mom spoke of Aunt Esther often, stating she came to visit them on Flynn's Hill with her children.  She is the last sibling of my grandfather Stephen Jr.,that I have not mentioned. She was the fourth child of Stephen Flynn Sr and Mary Ann Tubrett.

Esther Flynn was born Apr 21st 1889.  She is six years older than my grandfather Stephen. Esther married George Lahey of Bell Island, they had 10 children.  Mary 1909, Stephen 1915, Bernard 1917, Elizabeth 1918, Ellen 1920, Susan 1924, Michael 1926, Ada 1928, Elsie 1930 and Georgina 1934. Esther and George are buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery Bell Island. Esther died in 1962 at the age of 73 years.

 Note: If you look back at the entry titled "Great Aunts"  The woman standing Aunt Mary Ellen?, looks very similar to Aunt Esther. (Well, I think so)

P.S Uncle Ray is not sure of the young girl standing next to Aunt Esther, possible one of her daughters.

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