Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Great Uncles

Patrick Joseph Flynn
Stephen Flynn Jr
Philip Martin Flynn

Stephen Flynn Sr and Mary Ann Tubrett had 5 sons, My Great Uncles and My Grandfather.

1st child - Michael born 1884 - 1916 died at age 33 of Typhoid Fever, buried on Bell Island, NFLD.

2nd child - Thomas born 1885 - 1903 died at age 18 of Typhoid Fever, buried in Chapel's Cove, NFLD. Next to his Grandmother Elizabeth Dunlae Flynn.

5th child - Patrick born 1891 - 1963,  He moved to  in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1918.  I was told he had 10 children, I have not made contact with any of them yet.

7th child - Stephen born 1895 - 1981, My Grandfather, lived in Harbour Main, NFLD and is buried in  Chapels Cove, NFLD

8th child - Philip Martin born 1900 - 1994, Uncle Ray states Uncle Martin went off to WWI at a young age ( 14?) and never returned to NFLD, he said several years after the war they received a letter that he was living in New York City.

I put the photos side by side to see how the brothers looked together, they probably never had a photo taken all together.

Two of the brothers died at a young age of Typhoid Fever.  One brother fought in WWI, and lived elsewhere their adult life. Two of the daughters went to the USA to live.  My Grandfather Stephen was the only son to remain on Flynn's Hill his entire life.

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