Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Great Aunts

My Great Aunts, Mary Ellen born 1887 and Elizabeth born 1892, left Flynn's Hill at a young age, They went to America to live around 1910. They are the 3rd and 6th children of Stephen Flynn Sr and Mary Ann Tubrett.  Mary Ellen married William J. Holden from Salmonier, Newfoundland. They were married in Boston Massachusetts in 1911, only to find out he was already married, she never remarried and kept the Holden name.  Elizabeth married Robert J Morey from Sandy Cove Newfoundland and lived in Massachusetts as well.

Aunt Agnes and Uncle Ray shared stories of receiving large barrels of clothing from their Aunts, that came from America. There was something for everyone in the barrel and there was much excitement when the barrel arrived.
This photo was found among my mother's collection with no names on the back.  Through this journey of studying family history, my sister and I have learned the importance of writing the name on the back of photos. So, with help from Uncle Ray, the process of elimination and knowledge obtain from studying our family tree, we have determined that this possible could be my Grandfather Stephen Flynn Jr's sisters.

Our thinking is as follows, The woman standing does look older than the woman sitting, Mary Ellen would have been around 23 years and Elizabeth would have been around 18 years.  They are not our grandmother's sisters, we knew them and have several pictures of them. Per Uncle Ray they are dressed in American style clothing. And according to the Reference Guide from Date an Old Photograph - Roger Vaughan Picture Library the photo is placed during the time period of the 1910's.

There is a strong possibility that this is a photo of my Great Aunts, and if so, it gives us an idea of what our Great Grandmother Mary Ann Tubrett may of looked like. There is a name across the bottom, of the studio that took the photo, which is very faint, it may lead to confirming this information.

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