Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stephen Flynn Sr's Family - Part 2

Stephen Flynn Sr.
Stephen Flynn Jr (7)

Mary Ellen Flynn (standing) (3)
Elizabeth Flynn (sitting) (6)
So,  here are seven of my Great Grandfather Stephen Flynn Sr.'s children, missing only second born, Thomas 
and of course my Great Grandmother MaryAnn Tubrett.
I have been in contact with some Tubrett Descendants from Holyrood, N.F.L.D., they will keep in mind my endevor for finding a photo of Mary Ann Tubrett as they talk with family members.  She died in 1930, so it is possible there is a photo of her somewhere. 

Michael Flynn (1)

Patrick Thomas Flynn (5)

Esther Flynn (4)

Philip Martin Flynn (8)

Thomas Flynn (2)
Chapels Cove Cemetery

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