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Michael Flynn 1884 - 1916

Catherine Mary Kent Flynn
Michael Flynn 1884 - 1916

Michael Flynn was born 09/06/1884 in Lakeview Harbour Main/Chapels Cove, Newfoundland Canada.   He was the first of eight children born to Stephen Flynn Sr and Mary Ann Tubrett, making him my Great Uncle. He was named after his grandfather Michael Flynn who died the year he was born.

As a grown man he lived and worked on Bell Island, N.F.L.D., which is about 40 miles Northeast of Harbour Main, in Conception Bay.  He married Catherine Mary Kent born Sept, 1883 from Bell Island.  Her parents were William Kent and Ellen Grangel.  According to Baptismal Records of St Michaels Parish, BI found in the N.F.L.D. Grand Banks Genealogy Site, Catherine had a twin sister named Bridget Ann.

It is believed by Michael's descendants, that he worked in the Iron Ore Mine on Bell Island.  Michael died December 23rd, 1916 of Typhoid Fever, at the age of age 33 years. In my recent trip home to Newfoundland. I spoke with his grandchildren about this heartbreaking event in their family history. They shared with me that when Michael died, his wife "Kitty" was pregnant with their fifth child, she became very distraught and saddened, refusing to talk with anyone.

After Michaels death, the young family needed to be quarantined, for fear of the possibility that they too were infected. Food was delivered to the house and passed through the window to minimize exposure.  Men would be seen outside the house, kneeling in the snowbanks mourning and praying for the family.

Michael's wife did become sick with Typhoid Fever though and died 3 months after Michael, on March 29th, 1917, one month after giving birth to a daughter Catherine (or Kathleen?)  Their five children were cared for and raised by family members, 

Mary Ellen (Molly) age 8,  by George and Esther Lahey (Michael's sister)
William A. age 6, by Stephen Flynn Jr (Michael's brother)
Elizabeth age 4, by William and Susannah Kent ( Catherines brother)
Thomas age 3, and Catherine/Kathleen infant, by Daniel and Mary Ann Steele ( Catherines Aunt?) [1]

The above photo of Michael Flynn completes my search of Stephen Flynn Sr.'s children. The only photo that is missing is of Thomas Flynn 1885 - 1903 (second child) who is believed to have died of Typhoid Fever also.  Because he died at a young age, I do not believe there is a photo of him to be found.

Thank you, to my second cousin once removed, Maureen, who forwarded these photos of her Great Grandparents to me.


[1]   NL GenWeb 1921 Census Data, Avalon South Region - Conception Bay South District
        Bell Island Center Part 1


  1. A very nice story about Michael and Kitty's short life.
    I trust that their children remained healthy.

    1. Thank you Linda! Yes the children remained healthy and were taken care of by family members

    2. Their children lived long happy lives. I am daughter Elizabeth (Betty's) daughter.

  2. My grandmother was MAry FLynn her mother was a tubrette

  3. Being looking for information on her for long time but not having much luck

  4. These are my stepmother's grandparents! Holy Cow!!

  5. These are my stepmother's grandparents! Holy Cow!!