Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Step Closer

Me with 2nd cousin John Flynn abt 1967 at my Granparents house in Lakeview, Newfoundland

This as been an amazing week as far a Flynn Family connections. There is so much information to share, that I will need to make several entry postings to explain everything.

I will start with the first connection I made early in the week. My cousin Wayne, gave me our 2nd cousin once removed Sheldon Flynn's e-mail information in order to get a hold of his father John (brother to Joe Flynn, son of William).

I was searching for Joe Flynn's information regarding the  "Christmas Card" he sent to my mother years ago.  He mentioned a visit with Great Uncle Martin in New York and that he had taped his visit for his Dad William who lived in Lakeview Harbour Main Newfoundland.  He states "I found Uncle Martin to be a pleasant old man full of stories of home." I wanted to talk to my second cousin Joe about his visit and just maybe, just maybe he still had the tape recording of his visit. (See Blog entry of 12/11/2011 " A Christmas Card")

So Sheldon gave me his father John's phone number and I placed the call.  He shared highest regards for my mother, stating she was a very intelligent woman, always concerned about family and went out of her way to stay connected.  He told me my mother was his Godmother, I did not know that. So after catching up a bit, I explained my Family History Project and that I would like to get a hold of his brother Joe. He promised he would get Joe's information for me and in our next phone conversation would share a story or two about growing up on Flynn's Hill.

He ended the call by saying, "You need to get home to Newfoundland, so I can have a look at you".  I told him I will be there as soon as I could.

This phone call  was an connection that made me one step closer to finding more information about the Flynn Family.

There is so much more to share, so check back in a couple of days.

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