Tuesday, July 3, 2012

More Cousins!!!!!!!!!!!

2nd Cousins - Susan Flynn, Dorothy Flynn ( wife of Roy Flynn) Linda and Rosemary ( daughters of Roy Flynn )

A few months ago, I was working on Ancestry.com and I came across the Flynn/Francis Tree.  Curious, I took a look, discovering the person who was researching this tree was a descendant of Patrick Flynn Sr. ( brother to Stephen Flynn Jr., my grandfather). I knew Patrick had moved to Hamilton, Ontario, and that he had 10 children, but really did not know much more than that.

I sent the message out, and waited, checking my message board from time to time. Last week, the day after I made contact with my second cousin John Flynn, I received a message from my second cousin Susan Flynn.  We immediately started sharing information, she was just as excited as I was, I could tell, even over the Internet.  She shared family history as well as family stories.  We plan to get together sometime soon, I checked on the I PAD, we are only a 10 hour drive away from each other.

Susan sent me several photos and even corrected some information I had wrong. For example the Patrick Flynn I had in my entry "My Great Uncles" was actually his son Patrick Jr. But now I have a photo of Patrick Sr and his children and some of his grandchildren. She was able to confirm, the photo of the 2 young women I was thinking were my Great Aunts Betty and Mary Ellen and sent me another photo of Aunt Betty. Patrick Flynn did have 10 children, 4 of whom are still living Nell ( Ellen), Sister Bernadette (Genevieve), Dolly ( Madeline) and Gertrude. Susan told me she was planning to get together with her Aunts in August and will ask them for any information they could share about Patrick Flynn Sr.

Thanks Susan for sharing your family stories.

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