Monday, November 14, 2011

"A Sod Type Hut"

Viking Sod Hut (1)

"A Sod Type Hut", just imagine living in a sod hut, what that would be like, especially in Newfoundland!  I think I would be outside as much as possible, for sure.  I can though, imagine a sod hut being built into the side of the mountain, with the protruding rock as the back wall. Aunt Agnes told me, that as children they would call the mountain "The Goats House" because of the mini cave-like indentions in the rock,  where the goats would take shelter from the rain.

 If Daniel Dunlae did live in such a dwelling on Flynn's Hill, realistically I may never find any paperwork stating so, because of the time period. I have searched the Grand Banks Newfoundland Genealogy site for the name Dunlae and its possible variations, without success. I will keep searching, and for now believe that it is possibly the truth.

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