Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Beginning of Flynn's Hill

According to a handwritten statement from my grandfather Stephen Flynn Jr., entitled
"History of the Estate", the first settler on the Flynn land was an Irish man named Daniel Dunlae. (Spelling is not certain) With his daughter Elizabeth, he emigrated to Newfoundland around the year 1817.  Elizabeth was eight years old at the time and her mother had died just before the trip.

Daniel is said to have lived at the "foot of the mountain", at the southwest corner of what was Flynn's land in a sod type hut.

At this time, I am unable to find any documentation to support this statement, only the written pages from my grandfather. It does state that Elizabeth married Michael Flynn and settled on the south side of Harbor Main, waterside, as the fishing was the main source of living at that time, they also cleared a large piece of land and grew vegetables and raised cattle.

 I do have a photo of Elizabeth Dunlae Flynn's headstone, which is located in Chapel's Cove Cemetery near Harbour Main.  My Aunt Agnes informed me recently that her father Stephen had made a wooden cross to mark the graves of his grandmother Elizabeth, his brother Thomas and his own son Michael. Her brother George (My Uncle George) then had a headstone erected to preserve this information.  This photo is from my mother's collection.

According to the headstone, Elizabeth Dunlae Flynn died in 1900 at the age of 91.  There is no record of Michael Flynn at any of the surrounding cemeteries.  I have found a handwritten release of land written from Stephen Flynn Sr in 1884 dividing the land with his four sisters. That would mean Micheal, his father died before 1884.

Sometimes researching ancestry only leads to more questions. Did the land that Daniel Dunlae built his sod hut on belong to the Flynn's or was Daniel the first on that land and then gave it to Michael and Elizabeth when they married?  And where is Michael Flynn buried? I have hit a brick wall with Micheal Flynn with no birth or death record.  A trip to Newfoundland is definitely in order.

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  1. Hi my name is Madonna Flynn I am searching my ancestry My dad was Patrick Flynn 1890-1997 My grandfather was Thomas Flynn and his wife was Mary Aspell My grandfather 'Thomas lived in Harbour Main This Flynn came from County Cork My father was as born in Harbour Main Can you tell me if my Flynn's are from the same family as yours? My e-mail is