Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"A Newfoundland Summer Day"

Me with my brother Mike, sister MaryLeah and our Mom, Mary Flynn Dollen
on "A Newfoundland Summer Day"
Argentia Naval Air Station, Newfoundland - 1967 or 1968

Living in Newfoundland as a young girl, I have a few distinct memories of "A Newfoundland Summer Day".  I remember the strong cool wind blowing across my face and skin, and through my hair.  I remember the ever changing sky with thick billowing clouds that moved quickly out to the sea, leaving a crystal clear blue ceiling.  And while you may be able to wear your shorts or summer dress for a couple of hours in the middle of the day, you will for sure end up wearing your sweater or long pants by evening's fall.

In Wisconsin, where I live now, we have four pretty balanced seasons where sometimes the winters are extremely snowy with intense cold temperatures and the summers get incredibly hot and humid.  You always know it will change though, with time.  Newfoundland is different in that you may have Spring, Summer and Fall all in a Summer's Day!

During the summer in Wisconsin, come July or early August, there will be a break in the high temps and humidity, where the temperature will drop down to the 50's or 60's, just like it is today.  You will hear people comment, "I can tell, Autumn is on it's way!" but I always say, "It's just a Newfoundland Summer Day!"



  1. Elaine
    The building in background of your pic of A Newfoundland Summer Day, looks like housing across from base hospital, where we lived at same time period as you

  2. We lived in Argentia Newfoundland at that time too!!! I really think that is me and my 3 brothers. My older brothers name is Jeffery my name is Mariann my two younger brothers are Michael and Joey are last name is DiFrancesco. I remember climbing down the big hill and playing on the rocks looking for colored tumbled stones too!! And always getting yelled out for playing in the dumpsters lol (yuk) what was I thinking. I remember the one day they cancelled school and the sun came out and the principal reopened it. We were so angry!! The bus had to follow the snow plows(that's real safe) I'm living in NJ now I hope you can reply to me it would be something if that is us in that picture