Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An Afternoon at Bowring Park

For me, the year 2013 will always be remembered as "The Year of Two Springs".  When I left Wisconsin in May, we had had 3 weeks of bright yellow daffodils, sweet pink apple blossoms and fragrant lavender Lilac Bushes. So, when I arrived in St John's Newfoundland, I was pleasantly surprised to find the  excitement of spring beginning all over again.

A spontaneous visit to Bowring Park one afternoon with my Aunt Doris turned into a delightful, refreshing adventure.

Aunt Doris and I - Bowring Park 2013

Bowring Park Pond
Photo from Wikipedia
Less than 10 KM west of downtown St John's Newfoundland you will find a beautiful old-style English park, Bowring Park. Visitors can enjoy feeding ducks and swans, walking or cycling the meandering trail network or view historical monuments. [1]

Bowring Park, located in the Waterford Valley, St John's is one of it's most scenic parks in the city. The park has many recreational facilities including tennis courts, swimming pool and playground.

A two hundred acre park created in 1914, July 15th.  The land was purchased and donated to the city in 1911 by Sir Edger Rennie Bowring on behalf of the Bowring Brothers Ltd, on 100th anniversary of commerce in Newfoundland, operating retail stores focused on gifts and home decor.

The Peter Pan Sculpture was erected in memory of Sir Edgar Bowring's grand daughter Betty Munn, who had drown along with her father at the sinking of Florizel at Cappahayden.  The statue was unveiled on August, 1915 with the following inscription.
"In memory of a little girl who loved the park." [2]

Peter Pan Sculpture 1987
2nd cousins - Brian, Audrey and Shannon
Peter Pan Sculpture
Bowring Park 2013

I remember seeing this Statue of Peter Pan when I was last home in 1987. My son Brian, daughter Audrey and my cousin Janet's daughter Shannon, enjoyed a visit here, as well!

Beautiful Swan, enjoying a Sunlight Bread Crumb Snack - Bowring Park 2013
                                                It was a lovely afternoon at Bowring Park,                            

[1]   Bowring Park -

[2]  Bowring Park (St.John's) -'s)  

Taking Flight - Bowring Park 2013
Looking for Lunch - Bowring Park 2013

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