Sunday, July 7, 2013

Thomas Flynn

Chapel's Cove Cemetery
Newfoundland, Canada
My second Great Grandparents Michael Flynn and Elizabeth Dunlea  had seven children, the oldest, my Great Grandfather Stephen Sr. 1845, five daughters, Louisa 1847, Mary 1848, Josephine 1850, Catherine 1852,, Sarah 1854 and the youngest son Thomas 1856.
According to my grandfather's notes (Stephen Jr.), he states that the youngest son Thomas "died at a young age", there was no further information about Thomas to be found until recently, when I came across an entry for a Thomas Flynn on the Newfoundland Grand Banks Genealogy Site under Cemetery Listings for St Peter and Paul Roman Catholic in Chapels Cove, NL.

A reference of Thomas Fling (Flynn) is also found about 2/3's of the way into the 125th Anniversary Book of St Peter and Paul Parish of Harbour Main, Chapel's Cove, Lakeview Newfoundland, under First recorded Baptism 1857 noting a daughter Mary Bridget Fling in 1882 and a son James Patrick Fling in 1887 to a Thomas Fling and Mary Quinlan.

The photo shown on the left is not very clear but is of Mary Quinlan Fling and her daughter Mary Bridget Fling (Flynn) (Fewer) circa 1900.

In my recent trip to Newfoundland, while exploring the Chapel's Cove Cemetery, I found the Headstone for Thomas and Mary Flynn.  The dates and age of death seem to match the time frame for being my great grandfather's younger brother.  Not far from Thomas and Mary Flynn was their daughter, Mary Bridget (Flynn) Fewer's Headstone, as well.

I believe, the note made by my grandfather of Thomas Flynn was intended to be related to his own brother Thomas who died at age 18, in 1903 not about his Uncle Thomas.  I discussed this possibility with my second cousin Joe Flynn a couple of months ago and he agreed with my conclusion. I did find other siblings of my great grandfather's, sisters Louisa and Sarah buried in the Chapel's Cove Cemetery.

Recently, I received a message from a Laurie Bollard, who is looking for information about her grandmother Mary Flynn from Chapel's Cove, stating she thinks there is a connection to the Fewer's.

So Laurie, maybe this information is helpful, please let me know if it is. And if it is, then we are related!  Send me your e-mail so we can talk further.


  1. Great website!! I have been researching the Tubrett's of Newfoundland for my wife (Patricia Tubrett). Her grandfather Martin Tubrett was a Godfather to Michael Flynn (1884-1916) and a first cousin to Mary Ann Tubrett who married Stephen Flynn.
    (1884 66 Michael Flynn Born 6 September Father: Stephen Flynn Mother: Mary Tubritt born Flynn's Hill, Near Holyrood 8 September John Roe Godparents Martin Tubritt & Louisa Walsh). Martin Tubrett's parents were Thomas Tubrid and Margaret McDonald, I think Thomas could be the brother of Patrick Tubrid, Mary Ann's father. I have no real proof though, do you have any more info regarding Patrick Tubrett/Tubrid? Any help greatly appreciated!
    Sidney Wood, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

    1. I found mary tubritt had baby name mary in 1882 do yoh know anything on this

    2. Do you mean Mary Ann Tubritt/Tubrid & Stephen Flynn had a baby Mary in 1882?

  2. Information I read is help in my search I have been to rooms researching haven't found lot my

  3. Hello My name is Madonna Flynn My father was Patrick Aloysius Flynn born May 31, 1890 and baptised at St Anne Church June 24,1890 Fortune Harbour Newfoundland. Patricks' mother was Bridget Aspell Flynn married to Thomas Flynn. Thomas was born in 1852. Thomas and Bridget children were: Thomas jr born in 1889. Patrick Aloysius born Little Bay 1890. Monica Lucy, born Little Bay 1892. Richard Philip was born in South West Arm in 1894 and Frances. Frances was born at Halls Bay1898. I am searching for more in formation and I was wondering if your Flynn's are related to my Flynn's

    1. Hi Madonna, Thank you for your interest in Flynn's Hill - Thomas Flynn, at this point I don't think the two Flynn families are connect, I will keep your information in mind if I come across anything that would indicate that they are connected.

  4. Hi thanks for info I will continue to dig for more info if you wish contact me thanks elaine

  5. My grandmother was born in1882 Mary Bridget Flynn or fling. . She was related to fewer some how she had stepsister
    Name philomena