Friday, January 11, 2013

History of "The Flynn Estate" - Part 2


Stephen Flynn Jr, Photo taken Summer of 1981
on the Flynn Estate in Lakeview, Harbour Main
My Grandfather, Stephen Flynn Jr. died August 19th, 1981 at the age of 86 years old.

In his last years, although unable to maintain the property, was determine to remain on his family land until he died.

 According to Uncle Ray, my grandfather, in his "Will" divided the property between his two sons, the land on the Southside of Harbour Main to his son George and the property in Lakeview, Harbour Main to himself.  Uncle Ray explained that his father grew up during a time that it was not customary to leave property to women, even though my grandmother was still living. I was thinking, maybe my grandfather felt the land should be left to a Flynn descendant.  Uncle Ray states that immediately it was presented to the lawyer to have the "Will" rewritten so that the property be put in his mother's name because she was still living and could benefit from this asset.  When grandmother died in 1987 at the age of 83 the "Flynn Estate" was then divided among all the children just as it had been done 100 years prior in 1884 after the passing of Michael Flynn by his son Stephen Flynn Sr.
As the years passed, each of the children, who had established lives elsewhere, the daughters Mary, Agnes and Rose all living in the United States, George in St. John's and Ray traveling for his work, the property was then parceled off.  According to Uncle Ray, the property was offered to Ray and George's 10 children between them, but no one had an interest at that time. First the house with some land was sold, and then the barn with some land was sold.
Uncle Ray states to this day, there is still a bit of land left in his name, that may be sold in the near future.  Uncle George sold his portion of the property on the southside as well.
The piece of land in which my grandfather's nephew, William "Bill", built a house and raised his children is still in his family. Bill's oldest son had built a house next to his father's years ago.  Bill passed away in 1997 but according to Uncle Ray, Bill's house and land is now owned by one of his daughter's, Helen and that she has remodeled the house and uses it as a summer place.
I believe this property today, is still referred to as "Flynn's Hill" just as it was years ago.

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