Tuesday, November 6, 2012

One Year in Time

This day marks the 1st Anniversary for my Flynn Family History Blog, I remember telling Aunt Agnes when I started the Blog one year ago, " I am not sure where this will go".

But after 64 Postings and 6,416 Views from people all over the world including countries such as, Sri Lanka, Chile, France, Russia, Brazil, Australia, Italy, Mongolia, United Kingdom, Germany, Costa Rica and of course Canada and the USA. I feel confident in saying "It is going well!"

There are some people listed as "Official Followers" of the Blog and others that just check in consistently from time to time. Many though, are those who come across "Flynn's Hill" by accident, by searching common words that are in the Title Entries, for example " The Newfoundland Dog" and "U.S Naval Air Base-Argentia" are extremely popular. The most viewed entry though is "I Dedicate my First Post to my Mother", which is the heart of my writing.

The most rewarding aspect of writing the Flynn Family History and putting it out on the Internet is being able to share the information with my relatives that I may not have ever had contact with. I have collected new stories and family members along the way.  It is amazing to be able to communicate with so many people from my laptop computer that sits on my desk, in the corner my kitchen, in the little town of Silver Lake, located in Southeastern Wisconsin, USA.

I started "Flynn's Hill" in attempt to preserve the stories told to me by my mother, so that they would be remembered and passed along to generations to come. Thank you for your interest and words of encouragement!

Me with my grand daughters, Avery and Mayce
 Summer 2012

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