Friday, June 8, 2012

My Roots

My Golden Retriever, Lucy

Lately, my focus has been immersed in getting my vegetable garden started, and not on posting entries to my family history blog, especially with the extremely wonderful Wisconsin weather we are having now.

Growing my garden is a ritual for me that has developed over the years. I find a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction in producing my own vegetables, it is so simple but yet very rewarding.  I learn something every year in the garden, whether it be about spacing and watering, or about patience and timing, one just needs to pay attention and be aware.

For me, it is also a place to get lost in thought or even clear my head, it is a connection with the earth.  In the garden, there is no drama or politics just straight forward simple life.

 I remember as a young girl always wanting to grow things, but living in many different apartments throughout my childhood made it impossible. Around age 12, I was finally given a flower box that sat on the edge of the cement patio. In this box, I would plant orange marigolds, this made me very happy!  Today, I continue to plant them around the edge of the garden to keep the rabbits out!

Gardening is not something I was taught but something that came from within, it was a strong interest I had. Aunt Agnes tells me, it is part of my "Newfoundland Heritage".  Gardening was their way of life growing up, necessary for surviving.  They were taught as young children to tend to the garden, and much of their time was spent on this task.  They grew potatoes, cabbage, and turnip, also lettuce, carrots, and beets.  I imagine this was quite a challenge considering the short growing season of Newfoundland and the rocky composition of the soil. 

My next blog, " Gardening on Flynn's Hill" notes from Aunt Agnes

Lucy loves to make rounds with me early in the morning, checking the progress of the garden.

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