Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Search

The process of collecting information for my Flynn Family History Blog has been most rewarding.  Especially the connections made with family members and the discoveries brought forth along the way.

After interviewing Aunt Agnes in California about her school days experience in Lakeview Newfoundland, I went online searching for additional information about The Shamrock School. My thinking was, " You just never know, what you will find".

 My search lead me to a Biannual Journal  of  Eastern Canada's History called ACADIENSIS, this journal contained a section listing new publications relating to Eastern Canada, the listing directed me to an essay written by Pat Trites in 2001 entittled,  "The School on Fardy's Cross" Shamrock School Remembered.  The essay was nestled in the book "Framing Our Past" Canadian Women's History in the Twentieth Centery, pages 184-188.  I was able to view these pages online to confirm that this was truely the Shamrock School that Aunt Agnes was speaking about and that my mother had told me about.  An unbelievable find, five pages about the Shamrock School!!!!!!!

The next step, getting a copy of this book for my own reference. I  started searching for a source to purchase this book, checking for the possiblity of an e-book download ,but no such luck. I did find a used copy of the book available through from a former library in Florida.  The book was described as being slightly used, but in good condition, library taged and labeled. It sounded perfect to me. I made the purchase, and 3 days later, I received this very informative treasure!

Stay tuned for my next post about "The School on Fardy's Cross" using this additional information.

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